Eden Productions was founded in 1995 by Steven Gillilan in Baltimore Maryland. The company was to be the perfect garden to grow and give life to ideas. It is our belief that it's okay to focus on the darker side of humanity for entertainment sometimes, because understanding evil is knowledge. For Eden Productions, there is no genre that is taboo. We are as comfortable producing faith based content as we are with making a horror film, a thriller, a drama, a film noir, a science fiction, a romantic comedy or a documentary. All cinema is fair game at Eden.

Steven Gillilan

Upon graduating Boston University's College of Fine Arts in 1986, Gillilan moved to New York to embark on an acting career. Notable roles include "Jason" on ABC's "One Life to Live" and "Billy" in Rolland Howe's feature "The First Killing Frost". Other acting roles would follow, including Jack/Queen in the World Premiere of Gillilan's play "The Bee" at Art Continent. (Later recast when it premiered at The Duplex in NYC.) Gillilan starred in the theatrical production of his play "Jealous God", which he later re-cast and played a supporting role in when he directed "Jealous God" as a feature film in 1995. Gillilan spent the next 6 years writing scripts, penning a great body of work. In 2001, he returned to filmmaking by writing, directing and producing the thriller "The Fall Before Paradise" which opened to glowing reviews and was released worldwide in 2004.Since then, he has created numerous documentaries and docu-dramas while freelancing as a writer, director and producer.

Ann Gallow
Vice President

Ann Gallow has always had a passion for film, but has not always been involved in the industry. After a serious back injury put an end to her nursing career, Ann decided that it was a perfect time to explore something new. Having substantial time on her hands as well as a longtime love for film she offered to help with the forthcoming project in any way possible. Her role with Eden Productions has expanded throughout the years. Before attending nursing school, Ann majored in Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art and has served as art director on several projects. Through out her filmmaking history, she has served in a variety of capacities ranging from craft service to associate producer, but her greatest contribution to Eden is her role as casting director.

John Grote, JR

John Grote, Jr. has been a video editor for over 19 years. During his career he has worked for many major television networks. Highlights include PBS, The History Channel, Discovery, TLC, America's Most Wanted, ABC News, Home and Garden and Court TV. His clients include the National Medical Association, World Bank, FAA, FHWA,NIH, and IMF. In 2005 John won a Golden Cine for the PBS documentary "Raising Up" - Women of India

Sean Paul Murphy

Sean Paul Murphy is a professional film editor and screenwriter. He has edited everything from commercials and music videos to television shows and feature films. His television editorial credits include "Love's A Trip," Style; "World Sports," Voom; "USDAA Dog Agility Shows," Animal Planet; "Two For Tonight," PBS; and "The Ladies' Kennel Association," Lifetime. His feature editing credits include: "In The Blink of an Eye," starring Eric Roberts, and "Marriage Retreat," starring Jeff Fahey and Victoria Jackson. Sean has also written a number of feature films including "21 Eyes," starring Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens; "Hidden Secrets," starring JohnSchneider; "Holyman Undercover," starring Fred Willard; and the made-for-cable feature "Brother White," starring Jackee and Reginald VelJohnson.

David Chapman
Graphic Design/Off-line Editor

David has been working for Eden ever since the company was founded. Over the years, Chapman has been involved in all aspects of Eden's filmmaking process. He continues to play a vital role in the making of our films.




Dog Star
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Sci-fi Action Thriller

The surviving passengers of the Vega 6 crash land on a planet orbiting Sirius, and fight to escape a bronze age version of Jersey City, populated by dog-like humanoids who find violence very entertaining.
Shadow Grabbers
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Thriller

A bipolar telemarketer tries to shake what he believes are delusions, while dating a sexy girl without a shadow, as he’s caught in a nightmare reality where shadow people feed on the souls of the dying.
The Last American Cab Driver
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Thriller

A soulful and gripping thrill ride through a city of broken dreams and murdered cab drivers, where one young actor’s drive to survive gives him the courage to succeed, and one last shot at love and fame in New York.
The Rain King
Writer - Steven Gillilan and Tony Tsendeas

Genre - Action Thriller

A psychic street performer gets involved in a murder plot after watching the local news, and seeing the woman he has recurring dreams about, but never knew really existed is involved with a man who always murders her in his dreams.
Rough Diamonds
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Dark Comedy

A failed playwrite’s girlfriend convinces him to use his recently deceased mother's life insurance check to fund his dream, and they risk every cent they have on an independent film about love and delusion in a mental institution.
Patty Stone
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Dark Comedy

A naive young Pakistan man’s dangerous adventures as a New York City cab driver force him into a late night TV world, where he finds acceptance as a character in a dream version of “The Patty Duke Show”.
The Darkness of Reason
Writer - Steven Gillilan

Genre - Mystery/Suspense

When the police pin a murder on an innocent manic depressive, a blind psychiatrist and his gal-friday assistant begin their own investigation, while being stalked by a stealthy psychopath.


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